Thursday, January 27, 2022

Just flat lost

    "I think this must be Brushwood Cross," resumed Parker, who had the map on his knee. "If so, and if it's not Covert Corner, which I thought we passed half an hour ago, one of these roads leads directly to Crofton."

    "That would be highly encouraging if we only knew which road we were on."

    "We can always try them in turn, and come back if we find we're going wrong."

    "They bury suicides at cross-roads," replied Wimsey, dangerously.

    "There's a man sitting under that tree," pursued Parker. "We can ask him."

    "He's lost his way too, or he wouldn't be sitting there," retorted the other. "People don't sit about in the rain for fun."

(from Unnatural Death, by Dorothy L. Sayers) 

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