Wednesday, July 10, 2024

There he goes again!

     "When I met Cynthia in Market Blandings, she told me what the trouble was which made her husband leave her. What do you suppose it was?"

    "From my brief acquaintance with Comrade McTodd, I would hazard the guess that he tried to tab her with the bread-knife. He struck me as a murderous-looking specimen."

    "They had some poeple to dinner, and there was chicken, and Cynthia gave all the giblets to the guests, and her husband bounded out of his seat with a wild cry, and, shouting 'You know I love those things better than anything in the world!' rushed from the house, never to return!"

    "Precisely how I would have wished him to rush, had I been Mrs. McTodd."

    "Cynthia told me that he had rushed from the house, never to return, six times since they were married."

(from Leave It To Psmith, by Sir Pelham Wodehouse)

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