Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Radio programs sharing plots

Veterans of old radio programs will recognize the program Blood Harvest as being common to Mr. District Attorney as well as Tales of the Texas Rangers.

Mr. District Attorney - perhaps just a little overstatement

"Mr. District Attorney: champion of the people, defender of truth, guardian of our fundamental rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Pretty exalted description. Well, maybe true of the office; but in fact, as often as not, the individual holding it was probably a politician hoping to use the office as a stepping stone to bigger and better things.

Monday, August 03, 2015

Charlie Chan on patience

"Patience and a mulberry leaf become a silk shawl."
(from Charlie Chan Carries On)

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Dealing with the jerks in this world

They are there. They exist. In some cases it is impossible to get rid of them because we do not have the authority to do so. The simplest thing to do is just to ignore them, but sometimes that is virtually impossible to do. One thing we can do to help the situation is to make sure that where we do have authority or influence, we direct and insist that courtesy be shown.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

A great example of understatement

A foreign agent has been following Humphrey Bogart. After they go on shipboard, the spy tries to assassinate Sydney Greenstreet.

After they extract Greenstreet from under the table, Bogey asks, "Do you know him?"

"I don't think so. In any case he isn't a close friend."

(from the movie Across the Pacific)

I found a mistake in The Great Impersonation

Germany has just invaded Poland, and Great Britain has declared war on Germany. A German nobleman in the diplomatic corps in Africa happens upon an old school friend whom he favors enough to be his twin, so he goes to Berlin get approval to impersonate the Englishman. He starts to play the part, and gives his superior details of the life of the Englishman and says, "My father was killed during the last few days of the First World War." But, of course, at that point it was not the "first" world war, but the only world war, because the second had just begun, but at that point no one could know for sure that it would turn into a conflict of that magnitude.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Some people never change

When I was a baby, I used to entertain myself by putting my itty-bitty foot into my mouth - and I've never stopped.

(from The Adventures of Maisie radio show)

Seventeen Republican presidential candidates

Seventeen! Seventeen! Don't those guys have anything better to do? Maybe not. Maybe that is why they are running.

Skeat's Dictionary

If you love the English language and learning more about words, you would enjoy Walter William Skeat's Etymological English Dictionary. It is as handy as sliced bread if you want to get an understanding of the full breadth behind words in English. It traces words back into their derivatives from other, older languages. Interesting and handy.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Oogie Pringle - glamor man?

Well, not exactly. Just the opposite normally. He was the wishful suitor on the radio show, A Date With Judy. On one episode, however, he did manage to get a date with Dorothy Lamour, which caused Judy to second-guess having just ditched him.

"Would you stop being so fearless with my life?!"

A retort by Archie Goodwin to his boss, Nero Wolfe, when he was scolded for not pursuing a criminal under dangerous circumstances.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Decimating a generation

This from the website http://encyclopedia.1914-1918-online.net:

Approximately 13 million Germans served in the military during the Great War; 2 million were killed, that is, roughly 15 percent. As Keegan notes, this percentage is equally shocking when the numbers of war dead are calculated as a percentage of the relevant male cohort; that is, men born between 1880 and 1899 (prime candidates for service in the war). Of German men from these year groups, approximately 13 percent were killed between 1914 and 1918. Among young French men, the percentage was even higher – 17 percent.

With only 21 years separating the end of World War I and the beginning of World War II, one wonders how the European nations were able to re-stock their military-age population in time to bear the even greater losses of World War II.

Larry Dobkin - sometimes the ONLY voice

As you listen to old radio shows, you realize that there were some roles for which Larry Dobkin's voice was the only voice that would have worked.