Friday, September 19, 2014

Floyd the Bomber

On the episode of Peter Gunn entitled "A Slight Touch of Homicide," Howard McNear (Floyd the Barber on the Andy Griffith Show) plays a grand jury member who takes it upon himself to kill with bombs gangsters who were not convicted. It is a little hard to picture Floyd as a bad guy, but in this show he was.


The sheik's tragedy

He was the sixth in the family line to assume the shiekdom, and thus he was the Sixth Sheik. He owned a flock of prize sheep, all of registered stock. They were numbered in order of their births. The sixth to be born was his particular favorite, and thus was known by the Royal Shepherds as the Sixth Shiek's sixth sheep. Sadly, this beloved animal took ill, and a messenger was sent to the Royal Veterinarian. Said messenger dashed to the doc's office and blurted out, "The Sixth Shiek's sixth sheep's sick." He blurted it out - can you?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Alexander Nevsky - that is my opinion, too

According to Wikipedia:
Valery Gergiev, the principal conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra, has stated his opinion that Prokofiev's music for this film is "the best ever composed for the cinema".

A very good assessment. I agree with him.

The Lone Ranger and the Count of Monte Cristo

In the movie, The Son of Monte Cristo (1940), Clayton Moore plays the part of a young lieutenant helping the good guys. Children of my generation knew him as the Lone Ranger in the TV series. Since we never saw him without his mask on TV, I did not know exactly what he looked like. However, his voice gave him away.

Moore with Louis Hayward as Monte Cristo

Judgement, or sympathy

          "Do not judge a man until you have walked in his shoes." We perhaps have heard that saying many times; and while there is an element of truth in it, on the whole it is simply wrong.
          The element of truth is that if there are extenuating circumstances in a man's life, you will not be able fully to know them without firsthand knowledge of his circumstances. I cannot sympathize with him without walking in his shoes.
          The error in the statement is that I do not need to have intimate knowledge of everyone's circumstances in order to know that wrong is wrong. Sin (misconduct) is wrong because it is contrary to God, his nature and his word. Put another way, sin is wrong because God said it is wrong. If a man has done something that God has pronounced wrong, I do not need to know the man's circumstances in order to judge that what he did is wrong.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Peter Gunn's "office"

He worked out of Mother's, a wharfside jazz club, always filled with cigarette smoke. The cool jazz that was played on the program was actually really good.

British Sterling

Like most things colognes are matters of fashion. When I was in high school, English Leather and Brut were very popular for every day use. However, British Sterling was the "Cadillac" cologne - the one you used if you really wanted to impress the girls. I have no idea if any of those are used much any more.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Balm for the ears

I arose this morning, as usual these days, in considerable discomfort because if my neck issues, at 6:00 to take my Ibuprophen fix. On normal days my wife has me get her up at 7:00 to walk with a friend. However, it sounded like it might be raining, so I went out on the carport stoop to see. It was, very gently, so I sat down to listen for a few minutes on the theory that if my body cannot be comfortable, I at least ought to let my soul enjoy it. It was right at that moment when the birds had decided it was daylight enough to start singing, but one stalwart cricket was holding out that it was still night enough to chirp. It was a balm to the ears. 


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Moira Lister - another actress who married a blueblood

In 1951, Moira Lister married Jacques de Gachassin-Lafite Vicomte d’Orthez, a French officer of the Spahis, owner of a champagne vineyard and hero of the Rif .

In the 1940s, she was a friend of sadistic murderer, Neville Heath, however she didn't know his real name. She was invited out to dinner by him a week after he had brutally murdered another woman. He walked her home, kissing her goodnight. Weeks later he murdered another woman. He was eventually caught and hung in England in 1946. Lister believed her blond hair saved her life as both of Heath's victims were dark-haired.


Clever exchange from the movie "The Inner Circle"

Policeman: "What's the matter; are you hard of hearing?"

Old man: "No, I'm slow of thinking. By asking you to repeat it gives me a chance to catch up."

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Medicine is not a profession any more

It is a racket. It was a profession when its great concern was healing people. Now its great concern is raking in huge sums of money - along with the insurance companies - along with the lawyers. And do not blame this one on Obamacare, because it was this way a good while before Obamacare came along.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Famous people have long been trashy

Just read the lives of the rich and famous down through history. But today their trash gets sensationalized, and thus glamorized. Who cares about them, anyway?

Old Walmart buildings - blots on the landscape

We are in the process of getting our third Walmart building in the small town where I live. So what happens to old Walmarts? Well, sometimes the find new tenants, but almost always they take on a shabby, seedy appearance and become local eyesores. Just one more reason not to like that company.


The nature of love

There are many aspects of love found woven all through God's word, but one of the chief of them is unselfishness. By that I mean not only the opposite of greed, but also the selflessness - being focused on others and their needs.