Friday, July 20, 2007

The Robin Hood legend

Robin Hood. At the bottom see a nice link about the possible real Robin Hoods.

Is there truth behind the Robin Hood legend?
Well, possibly. Someone, or maybe several someones, named Robin Hood existed at different times. Court records of the York Assizes refer to a "Robert Hod", who was a fugitive in 1226. In the following year the assizes referred to the same man as "Robinhud". By 1300 at least 8 people were called Robinhood, and at least 5 of those were fugitives from the law. In 1266 the Sherrif of Nottingham, William de Grey, was in active conflict with outlaws in Sherwood Forest. It seems most likely that a number of different outlaws built upon the reputation of a fugitive in the forest, and over time, the legend grew.
One thing to note about the early legends is that Robin Hood was not an aristocrat, as he was later portrayed, but a simple yeoman driven to a life of crime by the harsh rule of the law of the rich. As such, it is easy to see how his story soon became a favourite folk tale among the poor.
There is, in the grounds of Kirklees Priory, a old grave stone, marking the final resting place of one "Robard Hude". Proof that part of the tale may be true? It would be nice to think so.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

ANDY HARDY. I have ordered the complete set of Andy Hardy movies with Mickey Rooney. Some of our favorites.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I HAVE THE TWINS' B'DAY PRESENTS. I got Jake a Tarzan movie, and Alli a DVD of Rocky and Bullwinkle. All are invited to come preview them.

Papaw and "All Of Me"

One of my favorite memories of my good father-in-law was when he and I worked up a piano and saxophone version of the old standard, "All of Me," for our family gathering at Thanksgiving. We were nervous, even for that sympathetic audience, but we got through it. For those of you who might not know, Papaw led his own jazz band in his younger days and was a fairly accomplished musician.