Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Arguments over which old movies to watch

By "old" I mean older than I am, i.e., 1953 or before. Interestingly, it was about the time I was born that Hollywood really starting putting objectional language and situations in movies as common practice. We have a stand-off at home. Pam and I like old detectives - Sarah does not. Sarah and I like swashbucklers - Pam does not. Pam and Sarah like some chick flicks that I don't - although I do watch quite a few with them. There are some I can't stomach (e.g., anything with Gene "Singing in the Rain"). I have no one in my household that likes old cowboy movies. However, help is on the way: Jason is a fan. Also, Kathryn does watch Roy Rogers with me when she is in.
I guess I had better post something here if I want folks to keep coming back to talk to me, huh?

Monday, October 02, 2006

Pulaski Association (Primitive Baptist)

I attended the Pulaski Association in Georgia this past weekend, and Bro. Taylor Pippin and I stayed with Elder Raybon Lord and Sister Ginger. They are a wonderful couple. He has lost one wife previously, and she has lost two husbands, and their affection for each other is touching. Bro. Raybon is one of the true pillars in the church, an able and heart-touching preacher.. His father, Elder Ben Lord, was known and respected all over the country.