Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Just use an alias and move on

The Law of Great Britain is a remorseless machine, which, once set in motion, ignores first causes and takes into account only results. It will not accept shattered dreams as an excuse for shattering glassware: nor will you get far by pleading a broken heart in extenuation of your behavior in breaking waiters. Haled on the morrow before the awful majesty of Justice at Bosher Street Police Court and charted with disorderly conduct in a public place - to wit, Mario's Restaurant, and resisting an officer - to wit, P. C. Murgatroyd, in the execution of his duties, Ronald Fish made no impassioned speeches. He did not raise clenched fists and call upon Heaven to witness that he was a good man wronged. Experience, dearly bought in the days of his residence at the University, had taught him that when the Law gripped you with its talons the only thing to do was to give a false name, say nothing and hope for the best.

(from Summer Lightning, by Sir Pelham Wodehouse)

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