Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A hearty "Tchah" to you, too

You see, I'm one of those birds who drive a lot but don't know  the first thing about the works. The policy I pursue is to get aboard, prod the self-starter, and leave the rest to Nature. If anything goes wrong, I scream for an A.A. scout. It's a system that answers admirably as a rule, but on the present occasion it blew a fuse owing to the fact that there wasn't an A.A. scout within miles. I explained as much to the fair cargo and received in return a "Tchah!" from the Pyke that nearly lifted the top of my head off. What with having a covey of female relations who have regarded me from childhood as about ten degrees short of a half-wit, I have become rather a connoisseur of "Tchahs," and the Pyke's seemed to me well up in Class A, possessing much of the timbre and brio of my Aunt Agatha's.

(from Very Good, Jeeves!, by Sir Pelham Wodehouse)

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