Sunday, July 02, 2017

An epitaph for General Patrick Cleburne

Cleburne County in north central Arkansas was named for Major General Patrick Cleburne of the Confederate Army. After he was fatally wounded in 1864, General George Gordon wrote this remembrance of him:

"A truer patriot or knightlier soldier never fought and never died. Valor never lost a braver son or freedom a nobler champion. . . . He was a patriot by instinct and a soldier by nature. He loved his country, its soldiers, its banners, its battleflags, its sovereignty, its independence. For these he fought, for these he fell."

Cleburne had lived in America for only fifteen years, the last four of them in arms in the defense of his country. His capabilities were such that he was known as The Stonewall of the West - high praise indeed.

At the time of his death, General Cleburne was engaged to Miss Sue Tarleton. She wore mourning every day for a year. Eventually, three years later, she did marry Captain Hugh Cole, but died less than a year later.

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