Monday, July 31, 2017

She specialized in being icey

Dorothy Green (no relation) was a busy actress beginning about the time I was born. She was a strikingly beautiful woman, but generally played aloof, haughty characters. "Cold" would be the way I would describe her typical role. I always wonder what such actors are like in person. Maybe they are good at a certain role because they do not have to do very much acting to play it. On the other hand, sometimes actors are the opposites of the role they generally played. Tough-guy gangster Edward G. Robinson was a "softly-spoken and cultured man, who spoke seven languages," according to Wikipedia. Dan Duryea played a number of tough, psychotic roles and became identified with that persona, but in real life "lived a quiet life at his house in the San Fernando Valley, devoting himself to gardening, boating, and community activities that included, at various times, active membership in the local parent-teacher association and Scout Master of a Boy Scout troop."

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