Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bringing back memories of a snackless home

It was always so embarrassing in my youth when I would have friends over because we never had any snacks. If you went to the refrigerator the only things that would be there would be leftovers - of healthy foods, grown in our garden. The closest thing we had to snack food was something like molasses on cold cornbread. We were disgustingly healthy. I now have a dieting wife. She has lost 20 pounds and intends to stay after it. So now, when I go to the kitchen, what do I find? Healthy stuff! I am having to go through my second childhood. But (sigh) I am probably much better off for it.

More HERE about snacks.


1 comment:

nanny said...

Oh poor baby. Well, today I'll let you take me out for a piece of pie!