Monday, October 20, 2014

Waikiki Wedding (1937)

This is a watchable early Bing Crosby effort. Old Golden Tonsils is an "idea man" for a big Hawaiian pineapple company. His big idea is to bring a Pineapple Girl (Shirley Ross) to the islands as a symbol for the company. Her impressions of the islands would be syndicated and sent out all over the country. But she does not like it in Hawaii and is preparing to go home, so the Idea Man is assigned to romance her and make her stay, with predictable results. Among the songs Crosby sings are "Blue Hawaii" and "Sweet Leilani." Martha Raye and Bob Burns are along for a goofy comedy addition. (Burns announces that he is the Champion Hog Caller of Crawford County, Arkansas.) It is Wofford the Pig, however, who steals the show.

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