Wednesday, October 15, 2014

These Wodehousean characters get no sympathy

At least they get none from me. Those are Alaric, Duke of Dunstable and Rupert "The Efficient" Baxter. Both are utterly self-serving, the Duke combining it with blatant and constant rudeness and Baxter with a condescending haughtiness. Neither apparently has any redeeming lovable characteristics. We feel that they deserve whatever negative consequences they get.

There are others who come close. Wooster's aunts, for instance. Still, one feels that if Bertie just had any semblance of backbone, they would beat an indignant retreat and become non-factors, so he bears much of the blame for their defects. Lady Constance is another character who comes close, but finally we see her dissolving into tears and remarrying, so she has at least that much humanity. Only Dunstable and Baxter emerge as complete negatives.

More HERE about Dunstable.

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