Friday, June 22, 2018

Just ship him out!

Capt. Shafer: Miss Hale, didn't you tell me that we had a request for a dentist at our Greenland base?

Miss Hale: No, sir. I think you made that up, sir.

Capt. Shafer: You're right, I did. Now, I want you to cut orders assigning Dr. Blair overseas.

Miss Hale: Where overseas, Sir?

Capt. Shafer: Pick someplace! Wait a minute! . . . Guam! Yes, that would be a good place for our millionaire playboy to spend the winter, don't you think so, Doctor?

(from the Hennessey TV program)

Interestingly, I once worked for a man who had been stationed on Guam, and from what he said, that would be exactly the place to take the wind out of the sails of a high-life sort.

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