Sunday, June 09, 2013

Bat Masterson - "The Fighter"

Bat comes upon a prize fight. The traveling pugilist is winning easily until his manager (Robert Wilke) ties one hand behind his back, at which he takes a beating, and Bat stops the fight. He learns that the local saloon owner (Marie Windsor) is the partner of the manager. Bat talks to the fighter and tells him he could be a champion "if you don't get your brains scrambled first." Wilke sits in on a card game with Bat, and Bat wins big. When Wilke runs out of money, Bat persuades him to put up the fighter's contract which he wins. He promises to get one fair fight for him, and begins to train him. Wilke offers him a fight, but fixes rolls of coins for "fight insurance." Two men jump him as he is leaving Windsor's room to take her to the fight and keep him from leaving, but Bat hits the man guarding him with his cane. He reveals the coins in the hand of Wilke's fighter, and Wilke challenges him to a match. If you think Bat lost, you have not watched enough old westerns.


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