Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Death of Bat Masterson (Bat Masterson TV series)

Bat returns to Bonanza, Colorado, to get his money from a bank account. He is informed by the banker (Willard Waterman of The Great Gildersleeve) that he has been reported dead and buried, and that his wife (Ruta Lee) has the money. He visits the graveyard where he is supposedly buried, and sure enough, there he lies. The undertaker swears that he buried him. He had been killed by Claude Akins. So, he goes to see the judge, Sam Buffington, who tries to have him thrown out of town, and does eventually have him thrown in jail.

Akins and Lee had bribed the judge. Lee wants to run, but Akins is determined to bluff it out. Waterman brings in the documentation to the judge, but he is out. Bat escapes from jail. Buffington rides to Lee's house to get some money to get out of town, but Akins shoots him in the back. Bat sneaks into the house. Lee confesses the plot, but says she is afraid of Akins. Bat meets Akins in the yard and kills him. Waterman gets a court order from a new judge and gets what he is due.



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